Khatima Software Engineer Rakesh Kumar Breaks Her Love Story

The end of December, always brings a sence of melanchony and an age old loneliness. It has been one long years. But, come September, and the receeding autumn rains take me back to that same night beneath the street light on the road side.
It still seems like yesterday!
The endless wait, the broken promises, the misunderstandings, every thing feels likes a rude splash of water on my sleeping face. What braught us both on that cross road that night? I still can not fathom the pain and confusion so acutely visible in our voices, in our eyes, in our accusations. In our tears. We gave up. We broke up. We set each other free. But we could not stop loving. The anguish, the pain, the loss of a dream so precious was unbearable. And so scary.
The mere idea of not being with each other happily ever after, was unacceptable to the mind. But some how the hearts had known it for quite some while by then. That it was not meant to be. Not every love story is lucky to see the light of the next day. That night, in that moment, in the silence after the storm, some thing changed. We were no more a couple.

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